Here I am sitting in front of my technical gadget allowing my brain to settle and organize language with love and care, to articulate with purpose, my first blog's course.
I have been very patient and exploring what it really means to show restraint when it comes to this delivery,'s not about me.
It's a very humble position to be in an industry that is...well...all about "me".
There are endless posts and pictures....all about "me".
The beauty of having a child, is that you defer, without choice, attention to something other than yourself....but in the end, it's still self-indulgent and...well...all about "me".
So.  Allow me to indulge you with a story.  The most beautiful true story that I bear witness to.
It's about a man and a woman.  I met this man through a dear friend years ago.  He was soft spoken.  He was kind.  He was measured.  He was fair.  He was humble. He was on a first date with his wife-to-be.  She was funny. She was candid.  She was honest.  She was tender.  (Did I say FUNNY?). She was humble.  A virtuoso musician, songwriter and producer.  A social worker.  You can't make this stuff up.
I was lost in the world of Nashville that brought fear and discomfort to my soul.  The two of them, without mention, supernaturally, warded off demons and negativity from my universe in a way that only deeply-deeply (self assured) spiritual humans can.  For that alone, my cheeks will flush warmly for life.
She and I would speak of children for the years to come following their nuptials and I could not wait...could not wait....could not wait for He and She to be Mommy and Daddy.  But "waiting", is what it was to be.
Being that I am adopted, I am biased in the face of others' ideology of creating a family.  Naturally I am pro-adoption, as I had an extremely positive outcome.  I am now in touch with my birth family and hang my hat on the quality upbringing I had and the love that weaves in and out of family and extended family (which are all the friends I have had the great fortune to acquire).
This is not the norm...and the fairytale is completely relative.  Nature or nurture??? I attest from the mountaintops that there is a difference.  However, I cry secretly every day for children that are cast away....for children of war...for children born with "defects"...for children who develop diseases.  Like many of you, I am literally unable to watch the news in fear of even a glance of a child facing any level of adversity-and I'm not sure if it comes from Nature of Nurture...but I'm pretty sure it's both.  Curse and blessing.  
...which brings me to the end of my dissertation and to the beginning of a life with a future filled with love, intent and on, if you want to feel really, really good about 2 people that posses all we love about humans, bestowing
And  this blog, turns out to be completely selfish, as nothing could be more important to me - as an extension of my family...OUR family...yes....after really was all about me.
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