For the first decade of her career, Heather Lynne Horton carved a path from Minneapolis to Chicago wielding voice and violin. Soon she would be bolting from coast to coast, all with the blind, burning passion to exist, submerged in music and collaboration. After landing in Nashville, her future seemed all but solidified upon the release of her debut record, Postcard Saturdays. Signed to label and one of the world’s most prominent booking agencies, Horton married the love of her life, songwriter Michael McDermott. They soon welcomed daughter, Rain, into the world and Horton put her solo career on hold. While Horton would continue to tour with McDermott, the urgency to get back to her own roots, remained impending. In 2018, Horton resurfaced out of virtual nowhere with, Don’t Mess With Mrs. Murphy – unapologetically, swinging for the fences with every word, every nuance, every secret, seizing the eyes, ears and hearts of each critic that chose to press ‘play’. The comeback record received, among several accolades, a rare 10 out of 10 from Americana UK, as well as their year-end ‘Critic’s Choice Album of the Year’.

Last November’s follow up release, Get Me To A Nunnery, doubled down on such uncharted territory,  with more of the attitude of “nothing off the table” and “leaving nothing on table”. 

While Horton is proud to even be in the shadows inciting sensitive conversation, critics agreed that, Get Me To A Nunnery, was another stirring, screaming breath of fresh air in a genre that should otherwise beg for artists to say the quiet parts out loud.

“I love this…Intense…Horton’s voice is ethereal…penetrates your conscience. It may even be one of the year’s best….in a word it’s enlightening.”
         -John Apice, AMERICANA HIGHWAY

“…whisperingly beautiful tracks…you can hear the through lines…storied dames whose lives in one way or another take on their own Shakespearian arc. In particular, Sinead O’Connor…”
         -Selena Fragassi, CHICAGO SUN TIMES

“I doubt I’ve ever heard anything like it in 50 years of being a music fan; and that surely has to be a good thing in my book.”
          -Alan Harrison, ROCKING MAGPIE

“…one of the most important releases of the year.”

“…channels Emmylou Harris at her emotional best…beguiling, controlled and full of tension…
claims a place for herself in contemporary Americana…”

“Almost dreamlike…The sincerity in which (Horton) opens, creates an immediate current of empathy, underlined by the voice, never so persuasive, expressive…”
“Great elegance and wisdom…uncommon sensitivity”
        - Laura Bianchi, MESCALINA MAGAZINE

“…spellbinding music…transporting us to some otherworldly place that seems cushioned by clouds that echo well beyond mere earthly realms…magic…”
         -Jim Hynes, MAKING A SCENE

“In conversation, Horton is animated and open and those qualities are powerfully reflected in her songwriting. Each of the album’s 10 songs has a pleasant punch and Horton’s voice adds palpable emotional authority.”  
          -Rick Kogan, THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE

“…stone cold killer…a top to bottom perfect album..this one may be my favorite.” 

“Ethereal…people who like Ulysses, will know how to give in to it without getting lost in it.”
          -Patrick Dallongeville, PARIS MOVE

“Horton is an underrated songwriter…thought provoking…melody, style and depth…Horton’s dreamy vocals drift beautifully through the songs…clearly an eccentric…in a good way.”
           -Paul Riley, COUNTRY MUSIC PEOPLE
“This album is incredible…holy s#!t!!” 
           -Bob Cesca, THE BOB CESCA SHOW

“9/10…a great voice that can remind you of (Sinead) O’Connor’s.”
         -Andrew Raw, AMERICANA UK

“…highlighting all her power…captures the thrilling essence of life.”
        -Paul McGee, LONESOME HIGHWAY

“…hard hitting…chilling territory…burning from within…the rulebook has been cast aside…to cut a strong sensitive niche.”-THREE CHORDS AND THE TRUTH
“…seductive…compelling, lustful…magical…sultry…passionate violin.”
         -Cis van Looy, WRITTEN IN MUSIC

“…evocative…dreamlike…crystalline beauty…delicate and delicious…a thousand nuances…cathartic…”
         -Remo Ricaldone, PLANET COUNTRY

“…spellbinding…healing…lyrically provocative and empowering…hypnotic…alluring…powerful. Cathartic.”
          -David Pearson, SPIRIT.ROCKS

“…jaw droppingly good…Frankly speaking, I’ve just fallen in love with this sublime album.”
         -Nathan Olsen-Haines, RNR MAGAZINE