At The Helm Recording artist, Heather Lynne Horton is the fiddle player, background vocalist and wife of critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, Michael McDermott. After the birth of their child, Horton put her solo career on hold while continuing to tour with McDermott and also with their also highly acclaimed side project, The Westies. All the while, the urgency for Horton to get back to her own roots, remained impending. Horton came out of virtual nowhere last September with, Don’t Mess With Mrs. Murphy - unapologetically, swinging for the fences with every word, every nuance, every secret…opening the eyes, ears and hearts of every critic that chose to press ‘play’. The comeback record received among several accolades, a rare 10 out of 10 from Americana UK, as well as year end Critic’s Choice Album of the Year.

“Heather Lynne Horton is the architect of an album that raises the standard of this year’s releases.” - Three Chords & The Truth

“Heather’s high notes are thrilling, the song’s lyrics are intense…her unorthodox…no, that’s not the right word. Her creative and diversified l ook at real life. Having the courage to paint pictures with words that are not easy to look away from. …This is what sets Heather’s songs apart from the crowd….Heather’s vocal inflection and phrasing are impeccable…She should be commended.”              - No Depression

“From the first note invites the listener to the realities of her life while posing questions of their own existence.” - PASTE Magazine

“Probably the most honest and relatable body of music I’ve reviewed in a long time…what is most compelling about (Horton’s) song writing - she is completely honest and exposed, and from this vulnerability she pulls forth an awesome power that engages and inspires the listener.” - FolkNRoots

-This record signifies Horton’s own re-birth and speaks for all women toiling and wrestling with the struggles attached to their multitude of roles, including guilt, denial and depression, in the midst of their own pursuit of happiness.

Horton has said that this record not only defines her, but screams out the layers of sadness, fear and euphoria she and the majority of women have ‘placed on back burners and crammed into closets’; all the while believing this place in all of time, to be the most important time for aggressive, unrelenting expression.

Horton re-enlisted sonic collaborator, Lex Price, ( k.d. Lang,  Mindy Smith) to produce, engineer and mix the collection of 11 songs at The Collard Green and Resistor Studios in Nashville, TN. with multi-instrumentalists, Jerry Roe (Emmylou Harris, Grant Lee Phillips) and Joshua Grange (Sheryl Crow, Beck).