Heather Horton @ Streaming LIVE

Streaming LIVE

5pm CDT/ 6pm EDT /3pm PDT / 22:00 GMT
(65 min show including encore)

Take a little time with me to look in the mirror. Let’s see if we’re brave enough to look squarely into the glass sifting through the infinite kaleidoscope of our ancestors intentions, missteps and failures...let us literally ‘love thy neighbor’ and scream for them...fight for them - and...*educate* ourselves and our children about the truth. A kind of truth that doesn’t blanket in ‘convenient’ but that festers in the infection never healed only to be disguised by her scar tissue. what.have.we.done
Willie Rain, I’m so sorry - I’m so sorry - I’m so sorry.
Join me in a primal scream -“IT STOPS HERE! IT STOPS NOW!!!”
May peace be with you and may love conquer all.