Rated 10/10" "Amazing songs that get under your skin…” “Heather’s ethereal voice shimmers with silver and majesty…” “As Poignant as she is poetic, Heather is a born observer, given to taking note of the daily minutiae that make up the riveting content of her songs…” “Don’t Mess With Mrs. Murphy is another country. They do things differently there.”

Americana-UK, Muff Fitzgerald

The stories are gritty and realistic in a way that even many hard hitting folkies wouldn't dare approach…The arrangements have the songs poised as if ready to explode at any moment, something that imbues this fascinating album with its power… no holding back of the emotions and a realism that few are brave enough to expose to the world.”

Mike Morrison, American Roots UK

Ms. Horton nails down a compelling collection of durable tales with wound to the limit instincts…These are songs for listening and absorbing…Heather’s high notes are thrilling, the song’s lyrics are intense….This is what sets Heather’s songs apart from the crowd….Heather’s vocal inflection and phrasing are impeccable… She should be commended.”

John Apice, No Depression

This surmounts to an evocative piece of art, often mystique, frequently dark and forever enchanting" "Heather Lynne Horton is the architect of an album that raises the standard of this year's releases.”

Three Chords and the Truth UK

Mrs Horton doesn’t mess about when it comes to her music. Neither should you.”

LonesomeHighway.com Stephen Rapid

...a fascinating album...that will touch the hearts of many souls who hear (the songs) and will play over and over until the disc wears out." "...the way Heather gets her message across is never 'shouty', but more that horrible 'simmering rage' women have that men like me will never understand...but fear”

Rocking Magpie

You might not want to mess with Mrs. Murphy, but you really should get to know Ms. Horton a lot better.”

Folking, Mike Davies

probably the most honest and relatable body of music I've reviewed in a long time...what is so compelling about (Horton's) song writing - she is completely open, honest and exposed, and from this vulnerability she pulls forth an awesome power that engages and inspires the listener...like finally having a conversation with someone you didn't realize understood so much about the things that keep you up at night."”


I was fortunate enough to have lived in Chicago in the early 90’s, when acts like Smashing Pumpkins and Liz Phair were putting sonic variety and higher production values on the grunge assault coming out of Seattle. When I first listened to the latest album from Chicago native Heather Horton, Don’t Mess With Mrs. Murphy, it was like I picked back up on that excitement from 25 years ago.”


...from first note invites the listener to the realities of her life while posing questions that invite them to consider their own existence.”

Paste Magazine