From the recording Postcard Saturdays

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postcard saturdays

the end is near
we’re dying every day
your cab’s been runnin
half an hour
in the screamin rain
pretend you’ll miss me
tell me you’ll write
a postcard, saturdays
or that you might
come through on holiday
or even send for me
when you are lonely
in the death of night

one more by the bed
one more on the floor
one more just like that
one more for the road

i drop my words
like oiled glass
they splash like stars
and stab my feet
so i can’t stand
to watch your coat
drag from behind
as you look back at me
as if you were still mine

one more ‘neath the moon
one more by the lake
one more for my mouth
one more for the road

....good day
good morrow
good day

i hug the door
fog up the pane
i drag my finger
through the droplets
with your name
it’s etched in stone
‘least in my veins
you drop your bags
and tear on back
for one again

one more to that song
one more for my soul
one more for this rose
one more for...
one more with your life
one more for evermore
one more with eyes close
one more for the road
one more for i don’t know more for the road.